Barbara Nekola-Steer, artist, Devon, UK
Thank you. It was your encouragement to dig deep and paint what I feel, and embrace the joy of creating without fear that released me from mundanely trying to please everyone and painting their pets!  Without you giving me the key, I would never have unlocked my potential.  Who knows where my creative journey will lead me, but I do know that I’m enjoying every step.

P O’B – UK
Mentoring with coaching combined
My time with Jane has provided me with support and encouragement to try new things and challenge myself whilst being given valuable support and advice. As a great creative coach, Jane has pushed me to help unlock my creative thinking and aid me in applying for opportunities, be that through feedback on artists statements or practical help in setting goals and ambitions to motivate myself

Louise Smit, artist, Sark, UK
Mentoring with coaching combined

You were calm and present, and completely focussed on the session, which was great. You were good at pulling me back from rambling and getting off point, but you also let me express myself freely and at length, allowing my thoughts to gather and be slowly organised into some sort of cohesion. You were good at picking out that which was important in my stream of consciousness, and sieving out that which was irrelevant.

It was helpful for me to have you, listening to me, as an impartial presence. In normal life I can’t talk to others at length about my creative dreams; I’m afraid of boring people. It’s hugely helpful to have someone that will listen to me and guide me; help me see my work and myself from different angles and more objectively. I have missed this sort of input throughout my career.

I was particularly impressed at how you managed to extricate the essence of my being, what makes me tick and therefore the type of art that will possibly fit with the way my life works. Having you as a sounding board should help keep me on track, motivated, working. Overall I felt inspired and energised by our first coaching session, it was a really positive experience and made me feel excited and happy. Thankyou!

EM, Musician, UK
You had a great presence – calm, clear and kind without being gushy ! Spot on. I found the reflecting back really useful, also the commitment numbers ! Made me think about the reality of my convictions. Breaking things down so that my goals feel achievable and realistic is really helpful. I so appreciated a space for me, it’s the first thing I’ve done for me in a long time, it felt way more constructive and positive than talking to a friend for example as you had a objectivity and entirely unique perspective – really appreciated the clarity and professionalism.

I am very grateful for your time and would like to say that the whole experience, one which was new to me, was most beneficial. Our session allowed me to collect my thoughts into a structured form and to revisit the worth in asking questions, both to one’s self and to others. 

Angela – to come

Saskia – to come

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